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✔ In the year 1377, began its activity in the form of a leased workshop with 20 m2 area in eastern ring road of Sari by the name lajour Hydraulic

✔ In the year 1379, succeeded to obtain agency of after sale services of Arak lajour company in four northern provinces of the country.

✔ In the year 1380, by transferring leased workshop with 80 m2 area had 80 many activities in the field of building Hydraulic machinery.

✔ In the year 1382, succeeded in obtaining premier agency title in the field of presenting after sale services for Hydraulic lifters.

✔ In the year 1384, bought 900m2 area of a land located in 6 th km joybar road of Sari city and began to build and equip present workshop.

✔ In the year 1381, after building and equipping workshop began to register a company called mazandaran Hydraulic by registration No: 6453 and HYMACO brand.

✔ In the year 1385 , succeeded in building first 18 m lifter of Iran behind a frock.

✔ In the year 1386, succeeded in building 14 m and 18 m an 12 m behind the truck lifters and succeeded in obtaining standard certificate TEST REPORTER from strong pressure laboratory of power research center and also for its product “Insulated fiber glass basket”.

✔ In the years 1387, succeeded in registration of fruit – picking invention by the “No: 46602”.

✔ In the year 1387, succeeded in obtaining operation permit for producing Hydraulic lifter No: 701/12932.

✔ In the year 1388, succeeded in obtaining after sale services of snoopers company and also invention registration of the first 12 m telescopic lifter over Nissan with registration “No: 61312”.

✔ In the years 1391, succeeded in two inventions registration called multipurpose miniloader of HYMACO and separator of solid from liquid and along with routine production succeeded in building and producing SP PUMP and WATER JET machines which is ambulant and self- driven used in water and sewage industry.

✔ This company in the year 1393, succeeded in building and mounting 9 m – height lifter over peykan van automobile Mazandaran Hydraulic

✔In 1400, he succeeded in making the  first dirt picker shovel that can be installed on a Nissan car.

✔ In 1401, he succeeded in building the first Kharmacin tow lift.



company, now by obtaining honor of invention registration and standard certificate from Iran standard quality and inspection organization for all produced lifters applied all its efforts to witness its products presence in foreign countries in the near future.